Hi! I’m Lorin, a full-time freelance illustrator and designer based in Hemel Hempstead, England. I specialise in realistic traditional media illustrations focused on food and botanicals. I use watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache, alcohol marker and ink for my creative process. 

I studied BA Animation and Cartoon Making at University and graduated with an honours degree. After graduation, I worked in the Animation VFX industry for five years as a Concept and 3D Texture Artist. My appreciation of the traditional media became more intriguing than the VFX industry after a while, so I grabbed my brushes and paints and began the new adventure of my creative journey.

I am regularly updating my ever-growing portfolio. Please feel free to contact me at cinarlorin@gmail.com for any request, question or commission inquiries.

You can follow me on Instagram for my work in progress stages. Aside from art, I enjoy walking around my beautiful town, cooking and reading art books. I am also an active member of the AOI community. 

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See more from me on Instagram @lorincinar_illustration