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About Lorin

Lorin Cinar is a Turkish artist living in the United Kingdom. She works as a full-time freelance illustrator from her home studio in Hertfordshire. Her work specialises in realistic traditional media illustrations focused on foods and botanicals.

Lorin studied BA in Animation at University and graduated with an honours degree. After graduation, she worked in the advertisement industry for five years as a Concept and 3D Texture Artist. These days she enjoys creating traditional lifestyle illustrations such as food and floral and offers her clients creative and colourful solutions.

She is regularly updating her ever-growing portfolio. Contact Lorin at for any request, question or commission inquiries.

Aside from art, she enjoys walking around her beautiful town, cooking baked goods and reading art books. She is also an active member of the AOI community. 

You can also follow her work on Instagram for work-in-progress stages.

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